Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's Growin' On: Suspended Flower Pots

Happy Earth Day!

On Sunday we went on a plant shopping spree at one of our favorite locally-owned nurseries, The Natural Gardener.

The cute little 1955 house we bought last December came with quite a blank canvas in the back. So we have a TON of ongoing gardening projects, which we'll be blogging about in the What's Growin' On? column here.

We used those colorful flowers on the bottom rack of the cart to make this potted plant stand, which I am quite proud of. I can't stop staring at it from my kitchen window.

It was super-easy to make, too. You just thread some terra cotta pots onto a piece of re-bar (we actually used a piece of metal conduit, but I wouldn't recommend it; re-bar will be much more stable). Use a hose clamp to hold the bottom pot where you want it. Sink the pole into the ground 12 - 15 inches for stability. Then comes the fun part: filling 'em up with pretty flowers and stuff! We put drought-tolerant sedums on the top 2 levels, and thirstier flowers on the bottom where they'll benefit from the overflow of water from the upper pots.

Admittedly, we stole the idea from similar pre-made pot stands for sale at The Natural Gardener... but seeing as how we are regular customers there, I'm hoping they won't mind. ; )

What's growin' on in your garden? Tell us about it in the comments below, with links to photos if you have some. We'd love to see!



  2. Death and suffering is (not) growin' on in our backyard.


  3. Beth, that is so cute! I definitely want to drop by for an inspection and do one for our much tinier yard!


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