Friday, April 10, 2009

Pysanky! Pysanky! Pysanky!

I just like saying that word (in my head as I type this). Being only a couple of days from Easter, I wanted to show off some really cool, elaborately decorated Easter eggs for your viewing pleasure. So I did a web search, and discovered pysanky,Ukranian Easter eggs dyed with a wax-resist technique. They are magnificent!

The above photo is from a really cool website that offers step-by-step instructions for making your own pysanky, Not that I am feeling that industrious this Easter. The most I plan to make is a bowl of German-style potato salad for a family gathering at my parents' house. I'm doing the Austin Handmade Market tomorrow, so it's been a busy week! I'm really looking forward to going down to Hockley, seeing the fam, and enjoying some de-LISH-ous pit-smoked brisket my dad is making. It melts in your mouth! All the kiddos (2 nephews, 2 nieces) will be there, so Mom's planning not just an egg hunt, but also a scavenger hunt. Not sure how that's gonna go down, but sounds fun! Mom really doesn't want the kids to be bored. Whatever you & yours are doing this weekend, hope it's fun! I'll leave you with a few more pysanky to ogle...

image from the Wikipedia entry "Pysanka."

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  1. Welcome to the blogging club, Beth! So nice to read about your crafting adventures. And now I have a craving for brisket - there is really nothing more mouth-watering delicious, yumm.

    P.S. Dorry would like to request a snake addition to the Snuggle Herd, preferably pink. How's that for a challenge! :)


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