Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Love Originality, #1

This adorable little thing has inspired what will become a regular roundup of things people make or do that are just pure creative genius. I mean, it's a puppet - with a puppet of her own! Of course! Puppets need puppets too, as the title of the pic says in Made by Moxie's Photostream.

I saw Moxie's work in person at Urban Craft Uprising a couple of years ago and it is really cool - needlefelting with an edge. Here's Moxie's website if you wanna know more. The pic was in this week's CRAFT Flickr pool roundup. I didn't even know there was a CRAFT Flickr pool till a few days ago, so don't I feel like a loser. Look what else was in there:

PB & J pillows! Hello! I have to say I have never seen anything like these before. So cute - nice work, DiffractionFiber! I looked at diffraction's photostream, found out that her name is also Beth (great name!), and saw this additional example of her cleverness:

Wow. I'll be sharing more of my amazingly creative finds each week, so stay tuned.


  1. These artists are crafty Einsteins, indeed! These are very clever finds. I can already see myself throwing the Ctrl-Alt-Del pillows at someone and yelling at them to REBOOT! (Or else!) Can't wait to see more, Beth.

  2. Thanks, Tracy! my first follower - hooray!


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