Monday, April 13, 2009

Be Still, My Beating Sweet Tooth

I love this pic. I took it on one of those perfect, warm, beautiful summer evenings when we first moved back to Austin last August. Cupcake shops abound now, and I pretty much love 'em all, but there's something special about Hey Cupcake. How can one resist the magic of a shiny airstream trailer with a giant spinning cupcake on top, all lit up at night with a crowd of happy people in front? Maybe you can, but I sure can't. The magical setting is perfectly in tune with the delicious magic of the cupcakes themselves, by the way. South Congress Ave. has some pretty amazing delights for the sweets lover. Get a load of this:

That's Big Top candy shop, which I absolutely adore. They have this fabulous, quirky circus sideshow theme going on, which is carried out in impressive detail. And they carry every kind of candy imaginable. Sweeeeeet.

Big Top images from Arielle F. and Lisa A. via, and Mary Brooke via Big Top's Myspace page.


  1. That's it, we're definitely moving to Austin.

  2. Ok, Mama Rose, just say the word & I'll give you my realtor's info! : )


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