Friday, September 18, 2009

Pretty Proud of this Pseudo-Flapper Headband I Made at the Mix & Make!

Here I am hangin' out with my fellow WonderCraft gals, Beth A, Jen, & Kim at our Mix & Make Crafty Hour last night. We're all wearing upcycled t-shirt accessories we've made, and those empty wine glasses are in our hands to show off the wine charms we were making from vintage buttons, seashells, charms & toys. They were really cool (and handy!).

How about a closer look at my headband? Whadya think? It's a "Grunge Flower," designed by that crafty Kim. It was really simple to make, cut with pinking shears from a couple of old t-shirts. I love it though, because putting it on a headband gives it this wonderful Roaring Twenties quality. And you know I'm a 1920s nut!

We're selling kits now for making these Grunge Flowers, as well as several other of our upcycled t-shirt accessory designs. They will soon be listed in The WonderCraft's Etsy shop, but for now you can get them at Austin Handmade or directly from us when we're out & about at events.

Where will we be next, you ask? At We Make Stuff, of course! Tomorrow night - it's gonna be awesome! Hope to see you there!

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  1. The headband is adorable (and especially so on you)! Wish you had a closer shot of those wine charms, they sound really cute!


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