Monday, September 28, 2009

Good Morning, Marilyn!

Saw this awesome paint chip art by Nite Kongtahworn on Apartment Therapy and it really wowed me! Nite was inspired by this Abe Lincoln portrait, featured on Apartment Therapy earlier this month.

Back when I taught high school art, I did a pixelated self-portrait project with my students where they had to mix their own varying shades of grey & paint it in much the same way as Honest Abe was painted. It's a great school project for learning about value, but not something I'd really want to do to decorate my home. Nite has the right idea though! Using paint chips to create a large-scale portrait on a wall is a stroke of genius! So stunning, yet so easy.


  1. Easy?! How is that even possible?! It's stunning, though. I wonder if it makes you dizzy after a while?

  2. Believe it or not, it is relatively easy! you just have to pixelate your photo using a program like PhotoShop, and then draw a grid on top of it. Then you put the paint chips in place on the wall according to the grid. Trust me, it's easier than it sounds - I've done this with high schoolers!


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