Friday, September 11, 2009

Felt, hmmm?

I've never really been into felting wool or making things from felt. It always looks gorgeous & I admire other people's work in this medium, but I've just never gotten into it for whatever reason. But today Craft alerted me to this gorgeous felt pillow with rosette clusters from Felt Furnishings: 25 Accessories for Contemporary Homes by Anne Kyyro Quinn. The Storque even has a tutorial up for making the pillow. It's so, so beautiful! Uh-oh, I think I hear a new craft calling my name...

Also check out Anne Kyyrö Quinn's studio to see examples of the fabulous, three-dimensional interior textiles they produce. Coolness!


  1. That pillow is fabulous! I might have to try this out.

    Thanks for stopping by my blogs and leaving such lovely comments!

  2. That's gorgeous. Really looks like your style.


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