Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another reason to love Austin: Mandola's!

I love Mandola's Italian Market for it's imported novelties such as this who-could-ever-eat-that-much-Nutella-actually-i-probably-could giant jar of Nutella.

It was bigger than Patrick's head!

I love Mandola's for its delicious sandwiches & pasta & bread & gelato & THIS! This fabulous pastry case. I consider it sacrilege to leave without partaking of at least one of these magnificent beauties.

On our most recent visit, we grabbed one of their doughnut-shaped iced lemon cookies. They are divine, as is everything I have ever eaten at this wonderful Italian eatery.

Mandola's kinda reminds me of another divine Italian market & cafe: DeLaurenti's in the Pike Place Market. Ahhh... I remember it well. That one definitely has a leg up on Mandola's in terms of atmosphere. But it's no fault of the lovely Mandola's; you just can't compete with a turn-of-the-century, waterfront farmer's market in one of this country's most beautiful cities. If you ever find yourself in Seattle, the Market is definitely a must-see. And when in Austin, be sure to check out Mandola's!


  1. Their gelato rivels any we ate in Italy - I love Mandola's.

  2. oooooooohhhh, Italy... have not been there yet. it's def. on my dream list of travel destinations! i'm sure the food is amazing! any must-see Italian spots, Steph (or anyone else)?

  3. I would totally buy that Nutella... just as a piece of sculpture or something.

  4. I feel I must point out that Patrick's head is unusually tiny.

    What exactly IS Nutella? I've never had it and always wondered...

  5. Mama: Why oh why have you never tried Nutella?!! It is chocolate hazelnut heaven in a jar! You must go out & get some NOW!!! It's available in most grocery stores these days (the regular-size jars, that is). And P's head is perfectly normal, thank you very much! : )

    Diane: I would eat it first, *then* maybe save the empty jar as sculpture. Although then it might seem like a monument to my own gluttony or something. ; )


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