Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gatsby Afternoon?!! If that isn't the bees knees...

You probably don't know this about me, but I am a 1920s NUT! I love everything related to the Roaring Twenties - the fashion, the advertising & illustration (Oh! the fabulous illustrations!), anything Art Deco, the Bauhaus, Tamara de Lempicka, all books by F. Scott Fitzgerald, etc. etc. etc. So when I saw this "Sewing Gatsby-Era Clothes" article in my Craft daily digest, I was floored. It featured pics of some very crafty lady's impeccable Deco day dresses she sewed for herself & a few friends. So I had to read the full post on the Nested blog to find out more deets.

Turns out there is this swell soiree called Gatsby Summer Afternoon that takes place every September in Oakland, CA. Man! I want to go to that! It looks so cool - they are strict about everyone showing up in period-accurate attire & appropriate picnic details and everything. I am making it my goal to get to this picnic someday. I have to go! I so want to go!

The Art Deco Society (what?!) has a great guide on how to dress Deco, for Ladies & Gents, of course, with handy click-to-buy items in the sidebar. How amazing are these green Kathryn Kerrigan shoes available from Love these! I have some very cool brown, patent leather t-strap heels, but these... these are green!

I just can't get enough of 1920s illustrations. The fashion illustrations are just the best. Love the hats, the shoes (especially the shoes!), everything about 'em. I've started collecting 1920s sheet music for the illustrations, and I have a trio of them hanging in my dining room. If I weren't so lazy about taking photographs, I'd show you some of the many Deco & Deco-inspired things I have around my home. Maybe in a future post... for now, I'll leave you with my favorite Deco-era painting by Ms. Lempicka, "Portrait de Madame Allan Bott." I have a giant framed print of this beautiful painting hanging in my living room.


  1. oooh! twenties! you know you should organize a 1920's bar hop or something. it would give everyone an excuse to dress up and would be a ton of fun.

  2. Please tell me you bought those shoes. I think you should start your own Gatsby Summer Afternoon in Austin!

  3. mamarose: unfortunately, no, I did not buy them. They are $150, so it seemed like too much of a splurge at the moment. But starting our own Gatsby-style picnic (or bar hop) sounds pretty fab... you know, because I need more events to organize! : )


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