Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kitchen Cabinet Remodel!

Welcome to the kitchen of the little old house I share with my sweet husband, Patrick, & our crazy cat, Pooky. We love old houses - they're full of charm & interesting details that you often don't find in new houses, like built-in hutches & bookshelves (I adore built-ins!). Our house was built in 1955 and has undergone pretty extensive remodeling (by previous owners), that has brought it up-to-date while still maintaining most of the home's architectural integrity.

The kitchen is really cute, with large windows & a new island in place of the original wall that has since been removed, making the kitchen a lot more spacious & open. I like spacious & open. I also like lots of cabinets, which our kitchen has. There are some things about these cabinets that I really dislike, however.

For instance, the layers of glossy white paint covering every surface of each cabinet are quite annoying. When you reach for a glass, you have to actually tug at it because it will have stuck to the paint on the shelf! ick. The painted surfaces also ensure that the big solid wood doors on the cabinets do not shut properly and often hang open slightly. Or if they do shut all the way, then you have to pull extra hard to dislodge them from the overly-painted surfaces.

And then there are the lovely extras left behind from pre-cellphone days, which you can see hiding behind the glasses there.

So, we've been wanting to do something about these cabinets for a while, and this past weekend we got started on it. All of my wishful gazing at beautiful kitchens in magazines & on blogs inspired me to do a low-cost, high-impact remodel of our wacky cabinets.

First off, Patrick removed the cabinet doors & I gleefully set them aside. Then I removed all of our dishes & he yanked out that telephone wire...

So what did we do next? What's our big plan for this little kitchen? Stay tuned...


  1. Oooh, globby, sticky white paint can be annoying. Can't wait to see the finished product! (I too love built-ins, so as you can guess Chris doesn't! Needless to say I am jealous of your built ins and I still love your wood floors.)

  2. hi there! Just wandered in. I'm excited to see the results!

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  4. That is a very interesting post. Most people remodel their kitchen in the way they want. Getting a contractor to do the job would be very expensive. It's fun to do it yourself as well as save you thousands of dollars.

    Thanks. Looking forward for the result.

  5. To remodel a kitchen by itself is not an easy task to do, that seems really great that you are tryng to do so by yourself..

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