Friday, August 7, 2009

I want finches. Pretty little finches.

Look at them! They seem so peaceful and sweet. These beautiful feathered friends happen to belong to Susie Ghahremani of boygirlparty, whose work I love. She says, "Every day they give me a reason to be happy, the finches are so simple and so cheerful - always doing something tender and sweet like preening each other or singing softly." Awww! They were featured in Craft's recent pet series.

The series involved interviews with pet-lovin' crafty folks & had some really cool ideas for birdie crafts, like this DIY aviary from Empress of Creativity. How cool is that?! I totally want one of those. Not like I have any room in my humble abode for it...

I also want a chirpy little pal for whom I can make one of these:
Jessica Wilson gives you a full tutorial for this nifty Birdie Potpourri. Wouldn't it be fun to watch your bird pull her favorite ribbons out & make a spiffy, colorful nest with them? Maybe I'll just make some to hang on the porch & see if any wild birds appreciate it.

It just seems like having little songbirds like finches in the house would make my quiet, work-at-home days so much more cheerful...

Of course, it would probably be absolute mayhem with this trickster around.

Any of you out there in blogland have any stories of co-habitating birds & cats? Is it possible? A nightmare? I'd love to hear!
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