Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year, A New Look for Crafty Mishmash

I've made some changes here on the ol' blog, in the interest of making it a truer reflection of me and my work, creating a more unified focus & delivering a more enjoyable experience to all of you. I have a new tag line that I think sums it all up rather well: Living creatively at the intersection of art, craft & design!

Read on for more about my goals and vision for the blog and my personal work. If you're new to my blog, welcome! Hope you'll have a look around. If you're an old friend just checking in, thank you. You are the reason why I keep posting & I appreciate your readership. Please leave a comment so that I'll know you've been here. It truly makes my day!

Crafty Mishmash is an online journal for chronicling my creative pursuits in the world of designing and making things, from products for my small crafty business, The Snuggle Herd, to renovating & styling my home & garden. I have a love of things handmade, the quirky and the one-of-a-kind, curiosities, antiques and ephemera of days gone by (with a particular penchant for the 1920s), and objects of design that simplify our lives in beautiful ways. I seek to incorporate my passions for art, design & handcrafts into my daily life and piece together a creative career for myself, like a beautiful patchwork quilt of my interests, skills and past experiences in the fields of graphic design and teaching.

My work for The Snuggle Herd is about savoring the simple joys in life, like listening to the soft tinkling of wind chimes, watching butterflies flitting around on a spring day or wrapping pretty little gifts for loved ones. I have always been inspired and awe-struck by animals of all kinds and find them an endlessly fascinating source for artistic imagery. I enjoy creating whimsical animals and giving each one his own personality and quirks. I hope that the items I create with these silly characters will comfort, delight & inspire! My products are durable & unique articles with character and charm, meant to be loved and enjoyed for many years to come. Additionally, I strive to use as many earth-friendly practices as I can in their creation, incorporating reused, repurposed and recycled materials and reducing unneccesary waste, to help keep our earth a place of beauty and magnificent abundance.

Additionally, I'm the founder of EtsyAustin, a wonderful team of Austinites who sell their handmade goods on, and a partner in The WonderCraft, a business I helped create with 3 friends to bring Austin fabulous craft classes, parties & events. You can read more about me on my WonderCraft profile.

Along my creative journey, I gather inspiration from a myriad of sources, both online and in my daily life, which I'll share here on this blog. I hope you will enjoy it!

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