Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Digi-Doodle: Nanners To Go!

Nanners To Go!

This silly drawing was inspired by some Richard Scarry books I just bought for my collection. Love his work, which is always full of busy little animals working, raising families & otherwise being productive citizens. It made me wonder, if this guy had a job, what would it be? A banana delivery driver, of course!

I decided to change the name of this series from "A Design A Day" to "Digi-Doodles." Trying to do one a day turned out to be a little bit over-ambitious. I'm still going to stick with this challenge, but it will be more like every other day, or perhaps every 3 days, or maybe every 4 ... whatever I can muster. : )

Care to share some of your own doodles? Post them on your blog or Flickr account, then leave a link in the comments below. They can be in any medium - photography, digital illustration, collage or traditional illustration that you simply scan in - anything you like. I'd love to see what creative things you're doing!
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