Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Metal Roof on our Patio!


Weekend before last Patrick finished installing a new cover on our back patio. It's made of sheet metal & it looks awesome!

The original cover was made of corrugated plastic that was yellowed & unattractive. Plus, the gutters were no longer doing their job, so the fascia board on the house was rotted out & in need of repair. You can see all the gory details in my outdoor room set on Flickr, if you're so inclined.


We've got it set up with our lovely patio furniture now, too, so we're well on our way to creating our outdoor living room. More pictures coming soon...

What about you? Do you have an outdoor living space, or do you prefer to spend your down time indoors?


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  2. Did Patrick do it all by himself? Impressive! We also have a patio in the house where the family spends lazy weekends together. We have shingles for our roof but your new metal sheets are lovely! They not only look more attractive, they also seem more durable than your old yellow plastic roof.

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  4. The metal roof in the porch looks great. Is the main roof in the house also sheet metal? I think it would be good if the roof extension is also made of the same roofing material you had for the main roof. But that is fine if the color of the sheet metal complements the main roof well. Anyway, your outdoor living space is breathtaking! ->Allyson Duguay

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