Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quirky Valentine Idea #2: Monsters!

Tamara of Art, Adventures and Toddler has made *the cutest* Valentines ever! Yes, I mean that. The cutest Valentines in the history of all Valentines. I can't get over how silly-cute they are! I was alerted to this tutorial by the always on top of it folks at Craftzine. I highly suggest you subscribe to their e-newsletter or blog feed if you haven't already; it is awesome.

Tamara has kindly put up a full tutorial on how she makes these cards, so you can make some with your own delightful little characters.

And not to worry if you have a sewing machine aversion, you could sew these by hand or skip the sewing all-together & just opt for glue. I think the stitching definitely adds to the cuteness factor, though.

If you're finding yourself short on time to get Valentines made, check out my printable birdy Valentines, Fun Freebies I made just for you! xoxoxo
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