Friday, October 2, 2009

Progress in My Work Room

Gettin' stuff ready to take to the lovely Sanctuary boutique in West Austin. Back to work - most of these little animals still need faces! Plus, I just found out I've been accepted to the Cherrywood Art Fair, so that means I really need to get busy!


  1. Good work! Everything looks cute, and I hereby formally request something snake/bunny/dinosaur. Maybe even a flapper bunny. Haha! Now you're interested! Even better, a flapper snake! You should do a whole 1920's animal line, ooooooh.

  2. funny you should say that Mama Rose... I actually have been thinking about doing 20s-inspired animal illustrations for a coloring book! as for the onesies, I think I should def. do a bunny next. that would be adorable. the snake & dinosaur would be hard because I like to do just the face.


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