Sunday, October 11, 2009

Life in our Pond: Baby Toads and Dragonflies

Look at these wondrous creatures we were lucky enough to have hangin' out at our little pond over the weekend! Teeny, tiny toady cuties! Gulf Coast Toads, according to Patrick.

They were so unbelievably cute and so cool to see hopping around in his hands.

This adult dragonfly used one of our water plants for moulting. It had crawled out of the water as a nymph and then emerged from its larval skin as an adult.

I was amazed that it sat on that plant all day. Patrick hypothesized that it was waiting for its new body to harden up a bit before flying away, and since it was a cool, wet day, that probably took a while. I couldn't find any info online to support this theory, but I did find the wikipedia entry on dragonflies pretty darn interesting!

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  1. Great pics! Love those itty-bitty frogs (toads?), so cute!


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