Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Appliqued Kitchen Towels - Christmas in May!

Yesterday we had a WonderCraft meeting & I finally gave my biz partners
their Christmas gifts! Geez. It's May.

I made a seahorse towel for Beth A, lover of island vacations & scuba-diving explorer of the sea.


For Kim, a true Parisienne at heart,
an Eiffel Tower in the clouds.


And I designed this Robot Chef character especially for Jen, lover of robots & all things sci-fi.

I had every intention of giving these handmade goodies out during the actual holidays, but... I didn't get them finished until February or so, then I wanted to wait until we were all together & our schedules were crazy (although there were several times we were all 4 together when I just forgot them). But anyhoo, I finally gifted them & they were a hit. Better late than never! : )

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