Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Creative Genius: Baptiste DeBombourg

Baptiste DeBombourg's La Redoute pieces constructed from catalogs are very intriguing. He presents the catalogs as topographic maps of sorts, an eerily beautiful landscape.

I first heard of Baptiste DeBombourg's work when Craft did a post about his staple art a couple of weeks ago. His Aggravure series uses 35,000 staples to portray Icarus falling from the heavens.

Can you imagine the time & patience required for that installation? I bet his arm was sore after all that staple gun squeezing, too.

I also really love his Crystal Palace, a bus shelter that looks as if the glass is shattered. DeBombourg says, "The situation is turned – the attention is grabbed from the aesthetic, not from the act of destruction."

The "destroyed" glass just looks so shimmery & pretty; I imagine it looks amazing on a sunny day, casting all kinds of gorgeous shadows & reflections.

I wonder what it would feel like to sit inside this bus shelter?

DeBombourg's art is so unbelievably beautiful, considering the lowly industrial material he typically uses. See more of DeBombourg's unusual work on his website.
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