Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Local Talent Tuesday with Kristen Pumphrey

It's time once again for Local Talent Tuesday, and this time I've got Kristen Pumphrey from Pommes Frites (get it?). Kristen makes an assortment of things - "Reused, Repurposed, Really cute!!" Her clever book safes, hand-carved into vintage books, are super-cool. They'd make great gifts for that hard-to-buy-for guy or gal on your list. And her obsession with plaid has resulted in adorable buttons and magnets!

Beth: First, please give us a little background on your studio.

Kristen: I work at home. My boyfriend and I have a two bedroom house and I quickly adopted the second room as my "work room." Finally a place for all my junk! In addition to Pommes Frites, I work two part-time jobs (at Art House as a gallery attendant and as a hostess at Woodland... I'm a professional greeter!).

The beginning incarnations of Pommes Frites started back when I worked at Adorn Magazine as an Editorial Assistant. I was making owl-shaped soy candles and did a few craft fairs, like the Bust Craftacular. But of course, it was hard to build a business when you already crafted all day long at your day job! When I moved to Texas, my big goal was to "officially" start my business, and that happened in October 2008. I mainly sell on Etsy, but also sell at some local craft fairs.

Beth: Where do you find the inspiration &/or motivation for your creative work?

Kristen: I like to create things that make me (or others) laugh. I love old books, and hate to see such pretty ones on the bottom of the clearance pile or on their way to the trash. I think I find my biggest inspiration in thrift stores, looking at all the things people gave away and wondering how I could give it another life.

Beth: Describe how a really productive day of making art goes for you.

Kristen: Since I work two other jobs, it's really about squeezing in work time when I can. After I get off work, I'll carve a book. Before work, I'll take pictures while it's sunny. When I have full days off, I listen to hours of "This American Life" and carve, carve, carve. Then I sand and glue. Then make a few buttons.

Some days, I can get up to five books finished, but other days, I'll get distracted by dishes or Etsy and only get a couple done. That's the problem with working from home. Since my work isn't really portable, I jot down notes all day long - ideas, to-do lists, doodles for new logos. The most productive tool I've discovered? Having a designated workspace! I've become 200% more efficient since that happened.

Beth: What are your big-picture goals for yourself as an artist & your art-related business?

Kristen: Big picture goal? To support myself full time [with] my business! Ah, that'll be the day. Until then, I'm happy just creating what I can, when I can. I love what I do!

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