Artist Statement

My art is about savoring the simple joys in life, like listening to the soft tinkling of wind chimes, watching butterflies flitting around on a spring day or wrapping pretty little gifts for loved ones.

I've always been inspired and awe-struck by animals of all kinds and find them an endlessly fascinating source for artistic imagery. I enjoy creating whimsical animals and giving each one a personality with quirks. I hope that the illustrations I draw & the items I create with these silly characters will delight & inspire you!

My handmade toys are durable & unique articles with character and charm, meant to be loved and enjoyed for many years to come. I strive to use as many earth-friendly practices as I can in their creation, incorporating reused, repurposed and recycled materials and reducing unnecessary waste. These days I'm working on more patterns to share, too, so that you can create your own adorable animal toys!

fabric_bird_pinkyellow 001I've also been delving into sculpture more lately & creating one-of-a-kind, fabric collages with 3D elements. If you'd like to see my process for creating this type of fabric art, check out my post called Little Giraffe Fabric Sculpture. I have a fabric sculpture & collage Flickr set, too.

If you're still curious, there's lots more to read about me on my About page.

~Beth Hempton

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